What to Wear for Your Photo Session | Brisbane Family Photographer

Well one of the most asked questions when booking your photo session is “What should we wear?”

Firstly your need to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing because otherwise it will show through in your photos if you’re not. Smiles are much better than grimaces! Secondly you don’t all have to wear the same colour but what does look great is if you all compliment each other.


Brisbane Family | Children | Maternity | Newborn Photography | Location Photographer | Natural Light

Brisbane Family Photographer, What to wear, bridge

Layering what you wear looks great in photos and can provide different looks as an item is added or removed. Don’t be afraid to accessorize as this can add colour & texture too. It is, however best to avoid big patterns and bold writing on t-shirts as well character clothes for your children. This can date the look of your photos very quickly.

Brisbane Family | Children | Maternity | Newborn Photography | Fun Family Picnic

When you book your photo session with me my welcome pack includes a guide to help you choose outfits to make your photos great. Work with what you have in your wardrobe, you don’t have to run out and buy all new clothes!

Here’s a few of examples to give you some inspiration. You can find lots more ideas on my Pinterest page too!

What to wear | Brisbane Family | Children | Maternity | Newborn Photography | Welcome Pack Guide

If you need any help when booking your session with choosing your outfits I am more than happy to help you during my pre-session visit with you.

Want to start capturing your memories? Contact Melissa now to book your photo session on 07 3803 3560 or 0411 632 803.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, have a great day 🙂

Cheers, Melissa

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